Positive Legacy

Leaving A Positive Legacy

One World United Through Music

Positive Legacy is the 501(c)(3) non-profit arm of Cloud 9 Adventures that is committed to integrating live music and community service. By taking action in the communities we visit, our goal is to have people create a deeper sense of purpose to their travel experience and the music surrounding it.

Thank You For Leaving a Positive Legacy In 2017!

We are thrilled to announce that the pre-cruise raffles and onboard charity auctions raised over $14,000! Your support helps fund much needed programs & supplies for The Bahamas Children’s Emergency Hostel in Nassau. The hostel houses and provides necessities for approximately 35 abandoned or neglected children, benefitting them until more permanent arrangements can be made. Our first Holy Ship! Day of Service was truly a special experience as we came together to help repair the facilities and spend quality time with the children.

Looking Forward to 2018

Positive Legacy is planning for another exciting year onboard Holy Ship! in 2018. We invite you to support our continued mission to integrate music and service to benefit the environments we visit each year. You can get involved in our Charity Auctions by donating unique and creative items or by bidding on them. You can also participate in the next Day of Service or make a donation to offset your carbon footprint. Stay tuned for continued announcements regarding these opportunities as they develop.

Trees, Water & People

Positive Legacy and Trees, Water & People give guests the opportunity to travel responsibly by offsetting the carbon emissions from their travels. Carbon offset donations help communities in Haiti and Honduras cut down on firewood consumption, plant trees, and implement solar energy.