Prepare To Book Your Cabin Like A Pro

First Timers

If you are looking to sail on Holy Ship! for the first time in 2018, you will need to opt-in for the Lottery. If cabins remain after returning cruisers book, there will be an On Sale for guests who opt-in. The opt-in form is now available and will close at 11:59pm on June 1. Lottery Tokens will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Returning ShipFam

Keep an Eye Out For Your Token

  • Tokens are only given to previous Shippers. Returning ShipFam DO NOT need to opt-in for the Lottery.
  • Your Token becomes active at a designated date & time based on your trip history. At that time, your Token will allow you to access the reservation system through your Cloud 9 Account.
  • You can use your Token to book ONE cabin on EITHER Holy Ship! 10.0 OR Holy Ship! 11.0.

Know the Ropes 

  • Which cabin or deck is calling your name? There are cabins on the Epic that can hold 2, 3, or 4 people. Check out all the Norwegian Epic's cabin options and Deck Plans.
  • Please keep in mind that cabin inventory may be limited. It is advised that you have 3-5 cabin selections (both occupancy and cabin type) in mind before starting the booking process.

Muster the Troops

  • Holy Ship! is a 21+ event. All passengers attending MUST meet this age requirement at the time of boarding.
  • Everyone sailing on Holy Ship! must have a Cloud 9 Account created. Double check that your cabinmates have an account created before booking time. If they have sailed before, they will already have an account set up. If they are new to Holy Ship! they will need to create a Cloud 9 Account before they can be added to your cabin.
  • If you don’t know who is coming with you when you select a cabin, don’t worry! Guests can be added or changed up until about one month prior to sailing. Keep in mind it is only free to add or change your cabinmates for a limited time. The longer you wait, the larger the fees will be, so the sooner you get things organized, the better!

Gather the Moolah

  • A $250 USD deposit per person is required to reserve a cabin.
  • For example if you reserve a:
    • 2 person cabin = Total deposit of $500 due
    • 3 person cabin = Total deposit of $750 due
    • 4 person cabin = Total deposit of $1,000 due
  • Payments can be divided between everyone in your cabin. If you are splitting up the payments, you will need to gather each person's credit card information before the time of booking. You will need the full card number, expiration date, authorization code (CVC Code), and billing information. 

Save the Date!

  • Set a reminder in your phone for your booking date & time so you don't miss out! 

How Do I Book My Cabin?

Step 1: Log into your Cloud 9 Account and enter your Token at your designated booking time. If you don't remember your username or password, reset it HERE.

Step 2: By virtue of creating the reservation, you are considered the "Lead Passenger" in your reservation. It is your responsibility to complete the booking process for everyone in your cabin.

Step 3: When you enter the booking system you will have access to all available cabin inventory. Your Token allows you to book ONE cabin for Holy Ship! in 2018. You can choose between one cabin on Holy Ship! 10.0 OR one cabin on Holy Ship! 11.0.

Step 4: You will be able to link each cabinmate's Cloud 9 Account using their full name and email address (provided it's one we have on file).

Step 5: You will be required to pay a $250 deposit per person to reserve your cabin.