Get Wrecked Games

Bringing back all your favorite childhood PE games with a Holy Ship! twist. Designed to test teams’ speed, agility, drinking and balance ability, and more. Grab your teammates and come compete for the title! Not everyone can be a winner but you’ll most definitely get wrecked in this adult field… Read More

Desert Hearts Master of the Universe Pageant

Desert Hearts’ Master of the Universe Pageant is back and ready to crown 2022’s winners with some outrageously amazing prizes including a pass for Desert Hearts Festival 2023 and a cocktail hour with some of your favorite Desert Hearts DJs! You best be ready to show up and show off… Read More

Wreckno’s Jungle Catwalk Competition

You think you’re the fiercest of them all? Pack your wildest Jungle costume and practice for the catwalk because there’s no doubt the competition will be ferocious, baby. Get ready to impress Wreckno and our distinguished panel of judges with the hottest moves you’ve got! Sign ups are first… Read More

Lisbona Sisters’ Spa Retreat

Kick back and enjoy a little self care with our favorite sisters! The Lisbona Sisters are bringing the pampering to you with some beach-side face masks, hydration spray, cooling eye masks, and more!… Read More