Fee Schedule

Changing the Lead Guest:

$150 fee through October 21st
$225 fee from October 22nd – December 3rd


Adding or Changing a Guest’s Name:

Complimentary through September 1st
$125 fee from September 2nd – October 21st
$225 fee from October 22nd – December 3rd

Things to Know

  • All guests must have their own Cloud 9 Account created.
  • The Lead Guest is the only person on the reservation that can initiate changes, such as adding a guest or making a name change.
  • When replacing a guest listed on the reservation (regardless of financial responsibility) the Lead Guest must send an email to the Travel Team with that guest on copy. Once agreed upon by all parties the changes will be allowed after the fee is paid.
  • If a guest with financial responsibility becomes unreachable, they can be removed 48 hours after a payment is missed.  Their funds cannot be used for a new guest.

During the Complimentary Period

How To Add Your Guest Online Through September 1st

Step 1: Log into your Cloud 9 Account & click “Your Reservations” from the top right hand dropdown.
Step 2: Choose your Holy Ship Wrecked 2021 reservation.
Step 3: Select “View/Modify” under your active reservation.
Step 4: Click the “Replace Guest” option.
Step 5: Select “Adult 2” and follow the steps to add your new guest’s information.

**Starting September 2nd you will be locked out of the online portal and will need to contact the Travel Team to add your guest.

Once Fees Kick In

How To Add Or Change Your Guest Starting September 2nd

Step 1: Those involved in the guest addition/change should talk beforehand to sort out who will be responsible for paying the fee.

Step 2: The Lead Guest must contact the Travel Team via email to initiate the addition or change.

  • If the Lead Guest is adding someone to an empty spot on their reservation, upon contact we will simply need to know who is the new guest and who will pay the fee. Once the fee is paid the name will be added.
  • If replacing a current guest on the reservation (regardless of financial responsibility), the Lead Guest must send an email to the Travel Team with the current guest on copy (their email must be the one that is tied to their Cloud 9 Account). Once the current guest approves being removed, we will move forward with the change after the fee has been paid. No name changes will be accepted via phone.

**Please note, we will not refund any money paid in by previous guests. It is the responsibility of the individuals involved to sort out the financials.