Welcome to paradise, fam.

Experience everything you love about Holy Ship! …. but at a full resort we have all to ourselves and with an open bar, 12 pools, complimentary dining options, including 24 hour room service, free Wi-Fi, and four days of beach parties. Can you say all-inclusive dream vacation?!

Beach Parties

Our time on the island was never enough so we’ve shipwrecked ourselves on the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana to throw the ultimate four day beach party! What can you expect? Games, floatie fun, toes in the sand, and servers delivering you drinks …basically any beach party you’ve ever been to only a million times better. Bring your bathing suit and prepare for an afternoon of antics!

Pool Parties

Get ready for all-star labels to make a splash every day as they take over the pool. With a pool near almost every building on the property, explore them all, find your favorite, and make your own pool party.


From meditation to margaritas and everything in between, there’s no shortage of awesome opportunities to get involved. Being shipwrecked means we have more options than ever before for unique daytime programming created just for you! We are happy to announce the return of The Instigators, who will be bringing antics anywhere and everywhere around the property!

Offsite Excursions

Get off site and explore the beauty of the Dominican Republic with kick-ass island excursions ranging from snorkeling, sunset catamaran sailings, ziplining, ATV rides through the jungle, fishing trips, and much more!

Loyalty Program

We cordially invite our devoted ShipFam to the most exclusive party on the island, the OG Party. If this is your fourth trip with us, you will receive the coveted OG robe and party amongst the most seasoned veterans with bubbly, apps, and beats to keep the party bumping. Once you graduate as an OG, join us each year to pick up your special gift and show the new graduates how it’s done. Starting this year, anyone who has attended 10 Holy Ship! events will become a part of Club Ten, an exclusive membership with elite perks and benefits.

Theme Nights

Tap into your costume mojo, grab your squad, and let your imagination run wild. 2020 theme nights are here! Let the brainstorming begin and make sure to leave room in your luggage for all those costume accessories.