October 25, 2019

FBI confirms toxicology reports that show recent Dominican Republic deaths due to natural causes, not tainted alcohol. We look forward to seeing everyone for a safe & successful Holy Ship! Wrecked in 2020.

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July 26, 2019

Holy Ship! is hitting the shores of the Dominican Republic, ready to go harder than ever! Imagine everything you love about the biggest party on the open seas going down on land… Check out the lineup and get ready for a brand new Holy Ship! experience from January 22-26, 2020!

Our new adventure features unique tropical venues, 24 hour complimentary room service, a variety of upgraded suite options, and all-inclusive amenities to indulge in. More exciting announcements will be released including the music schedule, activities, excursions, and theme nights.

The Token Pre-sale will take place on July 29th beginning at 10am PT / 1pm ET with the Public On Sale starting at 11am PT / 2pm ET on July 31st. 

July 2, 2019

We know you’ve been patiently awaiting the full event announcement with lineup, pricing, and payment plans – details are almost here! Our energy has been directed toward doing our due diligence to ensure your safety and the security of our venue and event. It was important that our team travel to the resort to get firsthand knowledge of the situation, while also take time to study the health & safety measures being taken, including resort practices, food preparation, alcohol sourcing, medical care, and security. Members of our team have done four sold-out events at Hard Rock Punta Cana in the past without issue, plus numerous others in this region of the Dominican Republic. We are confident in our ability to produce a safe and successful event as planned.

We take pride in putting on great events that protect the health and safety of our artists, fans, and event staff. We have read every email and comment, and your feedback is very important to us. We appreciate your patience as we shift focus back into all the exciting announcements coming in the next few weeks.

A few pre-books remain and will be on sale until they sell out or until our full event announcement, whichever comes first. Everyone who pre-booked will receive booking info the same day as the announcement. If any rooms remain after the pre-book period, there will be a general on-sale immediately following.

We can’t wait to share this lineup with you so stay tuned. It’s coming soon!

June 21, 2019

Thank you to all who have reached out to us directly to express your concerns or obtain more information about Holy Ship! Wrecked and the recent news coming out of the Dominican Republic. The safety and security of our audience, staff, talent, and crew are of utmost importance, and we are in daily communication with our resort hosts at Hard Rock Punta Cana. Many of these news stories are still developing, and although some contain true facts, there are also stories that have been taken out of context. We are taking all necessary steps to ensure that proper infrastructure and health and safety measures are in place, and will update you on any new information we receive.

A seasoned event staff will be present 24 hours a day during Holy Ship! Wrecked, including an experienced U.S. safety & medical team that will be patrolling the concert areas, public areas, lobbies, and resort grounds. You can easily identify them by their red shirts. This safety team operates in conjunction with hotel security and a reputable local security team that has worked a number of concert events in the Dominican Republic. Additionally, all Hard Rock properties have security cameras installed in public areas and hallways for your safety. Hard Rock Punta Cana sources their products from licensed suppliers who comply with the highest standards. All beer, wine, and liquor that enters the hotel is required to have the proper codes, seals, and stamps.

Remember that any time there are large groups of people staying in close quarters, it is more important than ever to wash hands, get adequate rest, maintain prescribed medications on schedule, stay hydrated, and not over-indulge. Sometimes these cardinal principles are forgotten while vacationing.

Over 6 million tourists visit the Dominican Republic each year; it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Similarly, Hard Rock Punta Cana has successfully hosted countless events and hundreds of thousands of guest—including members of our event team—over the past 8 years. Nonetheless, we all know that things can happen anywhere and people can get sick; international travel in emerging countries is no exception. We will continue to monitor this situation closely as additional information becomes available based on facts we obtain from official sources.


The hotel follows all internationally recognized regulations regarding guest health, sanitation and security. We are confident that all operational protocols were followed to ensure the safety of our guests.

All liquor bottles, wine or beer that enters the hotel are required to have the proper codes, seals and stamps, and these laws are enforced by the official authorities. As health, safety and wellness of our guests and associates are top priority, the hotel strictly follows these rigorous guidelines and complies with standards required by the designated regulatory authorities by continuing to take the following steps:

  • Only purchasing sealed and unopened products from licensed and reputable vendors with many years in the industry who follow the country’s laws, and offer top-shelf quality products.
  • Undergoing multiple random inspections per year to ensure compliance with federal regulations regarding liquor, wine and beer among others.
  • Hiring only certified bartenders with the appropriate training, and providing ongoing training to all staff.
  • 24/7 monitoring and thoroughly inspecting any and all supplies, equipment, and products that enter the property whether with hotel staff or as deliveries.
  • 24/7 monitoring of the security cameras that are present throughout the hotel, including at every bar, facilities and hallways.
  • Daily checks on beverages and alcohol being served in-room and at the bars throughout the hotel.
  • Assigning multiple security personnel to constantly walk the grounds and ensure a safe and secure environment for all guests.
  • While Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana has not been part of any investigations by the FBI or any other law enforcement entity, we welcome any U.S. government agency to conduct their own independent testing as well.


The Dominican Republic was ranked as a “Level 2″ on a scale of 1-4 in an updated Travel Advisory on April 15, 2019.

Other Countries under Level 2 Advisories include: France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Denmark, UK, Mexico, Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, and dozens of other well-traveled destinations.


  • “The safety and security of U.S. citizens that live in, work in, and visit the Dominican Republic remains our highest priority,” said Bernstein.
  • “The U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo is actively working with the Government of the Dominican Republic and the private sector at the highest levels to ensure that U.S. citizens are safe and feel safe while in the Dominican Republic,” said Bernstein.


  • “It’s not an overly dangerous place,” said Bradley. “I would still consider the Dominican Republic a safe place to go.”
  • “These incidents, while recent, in my mind don’t indicate Dominican Republic is any less safe than it was before,” Bradley said. “I would tell people to continue with trips.”


  • According to Dr. Quigley, travelers should visit a doctor prior to embarking on their trip, especially if they might have a chronic medical condition or cardiovascular disease. Quigley said sleep deprivation and stress can “exacerbate underlying, and sometimes asymptomatic, serious cardiovascular diseases.”