Just $250 per person secures your cabin onboard Holy Ship! 2019. 

Payment Plans:

A payment plan to fit your lifestyle! Our five-month payment plan sets you up for party success without the stress.

Payment Due Dates:

1st Payment: May 17, 2018
2nd Payment: June 18, 2018
3rd Payment: July 17, 2018
4th Payment: August 17, 2018
5th Payment: September 17, 2018

*Please note all deposits are non-refundable.

**Our team will give you a 48 hour grace period to submit your payment if you miss one of these payment due dates. However, reservations still unpaid 48 hours after the fee has been added are subject to cancellation and the appropriate penalties according to Holy Ship! 2019 Terms and Conditions.

Things To Know:

  • When you book, a $250 per person deposit is due.
  • Your remaining balance is divided into equal payments.
  • Assign “financial responsibility” to whoever will be making payments on the reservation.
  • One person can choose to be 100% responsible or it can be split.
  • If splitting financial responsibility on your reservation, the Lead Passenger will need each guest's card information prior to booking.
  • You can also split up financial responsibility after booking by contacting the Travel Team.
  • Please note if a guest has financial responsibility, they can’t be removed from the reservation without their permission.
  • Beats at Sea does not accept American Express, however Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are all acceptable methods of payment.

Payment Plan Options:

  1. Pay in full when you book and never have to worry.
  2. Automatic billing so you don’t have to remember those payment dates!
  3. Manual payments, if you prefer to make your own.
  4. Send cashiers checks or money orders.

Find the right payment plan for you!

Automatic Billing:

  • No enrollment fee - it's free!
  • When booking, select "YES" for Automatic Billing.
  • Use your Credit / Debit Card or fill out an ACH form to use your bank account.
  • It's your responsibility to contact the Travel Team if your card info changes.
  • If your payment declines, you have 48 hours to re-submit the payment.
  • After 48 hours, any outstanding payments will be applied a $20 decline fee.

Manual Payments:

  • When booking, select "NO" for Automatic Billing.
  • Your payment WILL NOT be automatically processed on the payment dates.
  • BE CAREFUL! Hit the submit button only once when making a payment.
  • If you overpay or use the wrong card and request a refund, you will be subject to a refunded payment fee of no more than 3.5% of the amount.
  • If you fail to make your payment by the due date, you will have 48 hours to submit it.
  • After 48 hours, any outstanding payments will be applied a $35 late fee.

Check or Money Order:

  • When booking, select "NO" for Automatic Billing.
  • The initial deposits must be made by Credit Card, then you can use cashier's checks or money orders for the remaining payments.
  • Checks / money orders must reach our office by the payment deadlines.
  • 48 hours from the due date, any outstanding payments will be applied a $35 late fee.

Make cashier’s checks and money orders payable to:
Beats at Sea, LLC
105 E. Atlantic Ave., Suite 200
Delray Beach, FL 33444