Positive Legacy, the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit arm of Cloud 9 Adventures, is committed to integrating live music and service by taking actions that positively impact the communities we visit. Positive Legacy’s mission inspires music fans and artists to collectively take action and build a better world. The goal is to develop service activities that people can participate in to bring a deeper sense of purpose to their travel experiences and the music surrounding it.

Day of Service

Our Day of Service events bring fans & artists to local communities to help improve the quality of life and regional infrastructure. Past Day of Service outings have included trips to local schools, ecological centers, waste water filtration systems, and afternoons planting trees in the park. More info will be released about how you can make a difference in the Dominican Republic during our trip.

Charity Auctions

Special thanks to all the generous fans, artists and management teams who continue to support Positive Legacy by donating to the auctions. We were able to raise a total of $29,809 in the Holy Ship! 2019 charity auctions and pre-cruise raffles – our most successful year to date! Your contributions support our environmental projects helping restore reef systems throughout the Caribbean and the Bahamas. If you have a donation for the 2020 Charity Auction, contact Positive Legacy.

Donation Drive

Help us provide the local community with necessary materials for schooling and essential medical supplies – together we can make a difference!

Donation items should be dropped off at the Positive Legacy Headquarters on Event Day 1 or 2. Items will be brought into the community on Day 3. We kindly ask that you leave the plastic bags at home.

  • School Supplies: Backpacks, pencils, notebooks, crayons, markers, colored pencils, calculators, rulers, and reams of paper
  • Medical Supplies: Gloves, masks, swabs, bandages, gauze, antiseptics, ibuprofen & acetaminophen, allergy medicine, toothbrushes & toothpaste, eye drops, ace bandages, and hand sanitizer
  • Toys: Soccer ball and pump, baseballs, jump ropes, etc.


Positive Legacy is always looking for a few good helping hands!

  • Collect and organize donations at events
  • Assist our team to prepare items for our Charity Auctions
  • Staff the Positive Legacy table on site
  • Help with one of the Positive Legacy hosted activities
  • Participate in one of Day of Service events
  • Act as a Volunteer Captain for Day Of Service events and outings

If you are interested, please contact Positive Legacy.

Carbon Offset

Trees, Water & People make it easy to travel responsibly by offsetting the emissions from your travel to the Dominican Republic. Offset your carbon footprint with a donation starting at only $15. Your donation helps fund tree planting and clean cookstove construction in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Cuba. Make a donation when placing your reservation or log in at any time to donate!