Respect The Ship

The Norwegian Epic is a beautiful ship in prime condition. We intend to keep it that way. “Respect the Ship” from the deck to the theaters to your cabin and beyond. The crew works very hard to cater to your needs, show them the same respect and do your part to treat the ship like the sacred vessel that it is!

Respect The Artists

Holy Ship! is a unique place. There is no backstage aboard the Norwegian Epic. You may run into your favorite DJ at 5am in an elevator or in the gym working out - please respect their space, artists are people too.

Respect Each Other

We are a family on Holy Ship! - that’s what makes this event so special. Please be respectful of your neighbors, friends and fellow Holy Shippers! Remember that everyone is there to have a great time when you are taking in the Holy Ship! experience, whether at a show, eating in the restaurants or hanging out back at your cabin - be kind, be cool, be smart, be safe, and take care of each other!

Respect The Ocean

Guests are only allowed to smoke outdoors on the ship. Be respectful of other passengers when smoking. Please dispose of cigarettes in one of the many receptacles and ashtrays placed throughout the ship. DO NOT extinguish cigarettes on the ground, pool decks or ship decks. DO NOT smoke on your balcony and NEVER throw cigarettes overboard, as this is a Fire Safety issue.

Respect The Staff

You know how amazing Holy Ship! is….now imagine all the hard work that goes into it. Keep in mind, someone has to clean up after the fun and make sure everything happens as scheduled. Respect the grind. Love the staff. They make the real magic happen.